Premier Inpatient Partners has grown over the years based on its reputation for providing superior patient care. That reputation is based on providing an improved hospitalist experience for our physician partners.

Our services are convenient to use. We have a dedicated physician at all inpatient facilities in Collier County and our providers are available for direct admissions or to discuss patient issues or questions throughout the day. We have several ways of being reached. Our call schedule is available on the AMION website for both NCH and Physicians Regional if a provider needs to be reached. Alternatively, we maintain a direct admit hotline at 239-330-2933. Typically, neither of these routes are needed because the hospitalist will be your colleague you have worked with for years!

We provide excellent communication with patients and families leading to increased satisfaction with their overall medical experience. We will provide extensive education for your patients on their medical condition, leading to smoother follow up visits for their outpatient providers.

We provide excellent patient handoffs. Our providers generate thorough, timely documentation that ensures our Primary Care Doctors are knowledgeable about their patients hospital course, follow up plan, medication changes,and any outstanding issues. If there is an important issue our providers will call the Primary Care personally to ensure seamless patient care.

We honor requests from Primary Care Doctors including choice of home health agency, preferred method of contact, and admit and discharge notifications among others.


  • Communication, collaborate, accountability, accessibility, and expertise.
  • Manages all aspects of the patient’s medical care during their stay.
  • Faster patient admission – works with PCP and ER to arrange for patients to be admitted in a timely manner.
  • Hospitalists work with case managers and discharge coordinators to discharge patients in a timely manner.
  • Welcomes family interaction and keeps them up to date with their loved ones’ progress.
  • Our physicians do not have an office practice.
  • Our physicians honor your directed protocols, and home health requests.
  • Call our team member to perform an ER consult, direct admission, status update or a patient discharge.


  • Practice surgery specific medical protocols.
  • Updates and notifications of patient’s status.
  • Allows for specialist to concentrate on their specialty.
  • We make sure your patients are seen by a provider the same day of the surgical procedure.
  • Our Hospitalist are experienced with a variety of surgical patients to avoid major medical issues or delays.
  • Answer calls, immediate response, and coordination of care with all consultants.

Please reach out to us to utilize our services. You can sign up with us at one or all of the facilities in Collier County.