At Premier Inpatient Partners, we are dedicated to making sure you receive the best possible care as an inpatient. We do this by working closely with your healthcare team and having an open line of communication between physicians and patients.

Our patients are seen by hospitalists – that have restricted the scope of their practice to exclusively care for patients that are hospitalized.

You may be wondering, why can’t I just be seen by my regular physician? Why is a hospitalist necessary?

We’ll explain everything you need to know.

Why A Hospitalist?

The term ‘hospitalist’ was coined in 1996, but it wasn’t added to the dictionary until 2005. Many people, including patients being cared for by hospitalists, don’t know what they are.

Here are some factors as to why a hospitalist is essential for a hospital’s environment:


A hospitalist’s office is the hospital where their patient is staying. They don’t work at a different location. They are just a phone call away.


By working so closely to the patients they care for, tests and routine procedures get completed in a more timely manner. There is much less waiting around.

Lessening Financial Strain

It’s easy for primary care doctors to become spread too thinly. Utilizing a hospitalist’s service instead lightens their load and spreads the duties around evenly.

Patient Safety

Once again, this has to do with patient/hospitalist proximity. If an emergency arises, a hospitalist is already located in the same building. You won’t have to wait for someone who knows how to handle your case.

Specialized and Coordinated Care

When you’re seen by your primary care physician in a hospital, they are probably unfamiliar with the environment. Since it’s not the place they usually work, tasks can be slowed substantially. Hospitalists are already used to the hospital in which you are staying. They communicate well with staff, and as trained physicians, they can learn your medical history quickly.

What’s The Difference Between Doctors and Hospitalists?

The truth is, there are more similarities between the two groups than there are differences. Both went to medical school, completed residency training, and passed a board certified examination. Both are highly educated and fully equipped to care for their patients.

The only difference is that hospitalists chose not to practice internal medicine simply due to personal preferences. Perhaps they preferred working with a specialty instead of going down a more general route, or some chose to work as family practice doctors.

Advantages of Hospitalists

There are many advantages to be had with hospitalists. For one, they are located in the same place you are staying all day, every day. They are familiar with every nook and cranny.

Not only that, they are also experts in complicated cases like yours that require hospitalization.

One of the plus sides of being located in the hospital is being able to meet with not only the patient multiple times a day, but their family as well. It’s stressful on a family when someone related to them is in the hospital. The hospitalist assigned to that patient is dedicated to easing the family’s fears and assuring them that their relative is in good, capable hands.

A hospitalist is the hub of all things patient-related. They organize communication between other doctors, and they’re the point of contact for any questions that may arise. They are also the ones that compose a plan of care, and who to contact in search of updates on a loved one.

Premier Hospitalists

At Premier Hospitalists, our hospitalists ensure a safe transitioning of your care within the hospital, and from the hospital to the community, which may include care in a post-acute care facility.

We are prepared to lead the way when it comes to your medical journey. Whether you’re the patient or a worried family member, our hospitalists will be there for you.

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